Visionaries wanted: join our waiting list to help us realise the future of radically regenerative burials

To launch Return To Nature, we need the support visionary people to demonstrate that a rewilding burial can be the future of funerals.
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If a Return To Nature rewilding burial appeals to you, then by joining the waiting list you are helping to make it happen.

Return To Nature is looking for visionary people to sign up to our waiting list in anticipation of our launch. We aim for this to be late this year, yet with all the havoc that Covid-19 is playing on everyone right now, this could be early 2022. Every person who signs up to this waiting list helps prove there is demand for this new way of commemorating our life and death that creates a powerful and positive legacy for our planet. Signing up helps Return To Nature provide reassurance to land and finance partners to make the final jump onboard this exciting project!

Is a Return To Nature rewilding burial for you?

If you are reading this, you may be asking if a Return To Nature rewilding burial is right for you. Hopefully you have had a browse around the website and our other blog posts to get an idea of what a rewilding burial entails. To summarise for any new readers: if you want to make a hugely positive impact for our planet and create nature-based, mental-health-supporting experience for your loved ones after your death – then read on!

When Return To Nature launches, it will located in a single place to begin with. As we establish ourselves, we will be able to expand both locations and range of services to appeal to more people. Geographically, we are in conversation with potential land partners located around the Borders, Lanarkshire and Galloway; and in Perthshire, Grampians and Argyll. This means that the first location should be close to the central belt at least, and potentially Dundee, Perth and maybe Aberdeen. If you are from further afield and are passionate about this, then you can also sign up to find out when we are right for you.

Finally, if you are thinking about your end-of-life plans or want to make a positive impact now (rather than in some decades), then this will be right for you. Purchasing ahead of time means kickstarting the regeneration process now: creating a beautiful woodland for your final resting place; whilst commencing the capturing of up to a third of your lifetime’s carbon emissions over the next century.

Do you view our landscape with wonder at its potential for biodiversity and to mitigate the climate crisis? Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia on Unsplash
Are you a ‘visionary’?

We are inviting people to sign up who, ideally, believe in the vision of “the most positive end-of-life for our loved ones and our planet”. It is going to be a journey of learning as we create a burial and end-of-life experience that suits as many people as possible.

Whilst being a visionary might sound involved, you can be as involved or as little as you want. We might put a shout out for opinions on social media or a mailing list but its entirely opt in. On the other hand, if you want to tell us your thoughts on Return To Nature, then you will find us welcoming and with an attentive ear.

We aim for this to be as low risk possible: we are only asking for you to sign up to a waiting list. We are not asking for pre-payments until the land is ready to go. At the very most, we may organise a crowdfunding campaign that would hold the money in escrow (where a third party crowdfunding platform holds the money) conditional on enough people registering to make it financially successful.

We hope this both clarifies and excited you about the prospects of becoming a visionary treading on exciting new ground with us.

Hopefulness for uncertain times

I hope Return To Nature’s vision makes you feel, well, hopeful. Getting involved in climate activism and now setting up this company – after too long spent doomscrolling – has taught me that positive action is the only way to remain hopeful amidst uncertain times. If Return To Nature makes you feel hopeful, then do sign up to the waiting list to continue the journey!

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