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The burial plot that creates a beautiful resting place in nature – giving new life whilst sequestering carbon.

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Return To Nature believes in returning ourselves and the land to nature.


A ceremony on our natural burial plots places people back in the heart of nature, allowing us to return our atoms to the world that lent them to us. Such a ceremony that fosters a connection with nature has been found to support the grieving process.

The land

Support restoration that is natural and native with minimal human presence.
Our burial plots reforest 1 acre of Scottish Highlands per person. We hand stewardship of the land back to nature so it can do what it does best: sequester carbon; support complex & vibrant wildlife species; and re-establish beautiful landscapes for future generations to enjoy.

What we offer

Memorial Grove

Let the memory of you live on in a beautiful resting place — testament to the fact that it has been restored because of you.
‍A Memorial Grove is a one acre burial plot that will be reforested with up to 500 native trees, sequestering at least 1 tonne carbon per year – whilst supporting countless species of wildlife.

Nature Retreat

Leave your loved ones in a better place.
After your death, your loved ones visit and create your Memorial Grove as part of a 2 day Nature Retreat. This includes the burial ceremony, the planting of wildflower and time in nature to grieve and heal.

Pre-order a Memorial Grove for your own acre of reforested land dedicated to your life and legacy for our future.

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