An illustrated silhouette of a buried body surrounded by rewilded plants with Scottish mountains in the background.Illustration of a silhouette of a buried body surrounded by rewilded plants.

the legacy
of life

The woodland burial plot that creates a beautiful final resting place in nature,
healing broken hearts and broken landscapes.

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A final resting place that restores an entire woodland

A single tree planted on the area for a single woodland burial.
Instead of just one tree planted in your name...
The area given to a single rewilding burial: an acre of 500-1000 trees.
...restore an entire woodland ecosystem.
Provide the loved ones you leave behind with optimal support for their mental well-being...
Make an end-of-life arrangement with the most positive impact possible for our planet...

For less than the cost of a traditional funeral, a Return To Nature rewilding burial consists of:

A Red Kite and a Red Squirrel encircle a Scot's Pine sapling.

Firstly, beginning the ecologicalrestoration of your personal areaof land now.

  • Aiming for up to 1 acre per burial in the wilds of Scotland.
  • Kick-starting ecological restoration with tree planting.
  • 25% of your annual carbon footprint captured each year for the next 100+ years.
Two people hug each other in grief, surrounded by a circle of native plant species.

Then, ultimately, being laid to rest by your loved ones in the nature you helped to heal.

  • A burial experience designed to support your loved one’s mental wellbeing whilst grieving
  • The burial adheres to natural burial practices that leave no trace in the landscape.

We’re doing this because we believe that the funeral industry should be more positive for people and planet.

There are four missions that drive Return To Nature.

Principle 1: Fair and transparent.

Being fair and transparent with customers.

The funeral industry is renown for unfair pricing and treatment of customers during emotionally vulnerable moments. This is wrong and Return To Nature strives to lead the way towards a more positive industry for all.

Principle 2: Mental health.

Supporting mental health during grief.

Funerals are a stressful event for those who are left behind.  A Return To Nature burial offers the loved ones of the deceased a chance to grieve in a calming, positive setting.

Principle 3: Ecological restoration.

Working with nature, not against it.

Geometric rows of headstones, human-managed landscaping, brass handles and mahogany veneer - the act of dying today could hardly be more out of harmony with our natural world. Our conservation burial plots create a better world than the one we inherited.

Principle 4: Rural economy.

Creating rural jobs and opportunities.

Like gravity wells, economic prosperity has pooled in our cities, leaving those who live in the countryside marginalised. We strive to level the playing field somewhat and to champion job creation for rural people.

To make this happen, we invite all eco-visionaries who want the world’s most emotionally and ecologically restorative burial.

With a large enough group signed up we can purchase land in Scotland to be restored into a beautiful and wild forest.

We need you! By signing up, you will be notified when we begin taking pre-orders or launch a crowd-funder for this land.

Read more about being an eco-visionary.

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Its all quite new and a lot to process, we know!

We understand if you would like to chat further to learn how this can work for you.Indeed, we welcome this, so do reach out to us.

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